Wednesday , January 23rd 2019
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Snow Joe iON18SB Review

Thanks to Snow Joe for making such an outstanding addition to its line of highly innovative snow blowers. This iON18SB effective snow blowing product is such a relief for my peak winter mornings. I, still remember how pathetic my last winter was, with snowfall at its peak. I used to manage all alone with my toddler as my husband lives out of state for work. Every day, I had to make lame excuses to my boss for being late and tolerate the humiliation of being scolded. Daily I got late for work, as I had to prepare for breakfast singlehanded, get my kid ready for playschool and when I was ready to leave for work, I had to encounter the ridiculous scenario of snow accumulated all over my car, the parking lot and the pavement ahead.

Snow Joe iON18SB

Snow Joe iON18SB

The Snow Joe iON21SB0-Pro cordless snow blower is a deluxe size, amped-up version of the battery-powered snow blower. The Snow Joe iON21SB0-Pro cordless snow blower is the ideal snow blower for clearing large walkways and driveways. Using the machine saves you the stress of sourcing gas, oil, tune-ups, tangled extension cords, and pull-cords. With a simple push of the switch button, this battery-powered machine starts, and while using it, its adjustable handle helps you maximize the potential of the machine. The Energy Star certified machine comes with its own charger and battery, it is approved by the ETL, and its battery is EcoSharp® Pro rechargeable lithium-ion.


With this easy-to-handle Snow Joe iON18SB snow blower, in cooperating the Ecosharp technology, removing all the snow every morning in the snowy winters, has become a very easy and quick task for me. This snow blower has a lightweight of 13 KGs, and is quite compact in size, with dimensions measuring 110 x 52.1 x 95 cm. This means that women like me can easily bear its weight and maneuver its movement from one direction to another with quite an ease. The unperplexed design reveals its easy-to-understand assembly and function. Its stylish handle offers a smooth grip; the twin-blade auger of this single-staged snow blower can effectively and safely remove about one-foot deep fresh snow from your pavements occupying an area of about 2-feet wide. Working with a 40-Volts powered Lithium battery that takes approximately 3 hours to charge, the chute of this blower can blow away snow in your way up to 20 feet with an efficient noise-free capacity of 4-ah that is workable for an uninterrupted 40 minutes. So, you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbors while you are on a mission!

More interesting, worth exploring features of iON18SB snow blower include its cord-free design that does not require any oil or gasoline to function. This snow blower just requires one effortless push of a button. Therefore, now no more frustrated sighs of cord pull-ups or refueling required. Complete charging of the battery is indicated with a 3-line battery icon indicator on the screen of the battery. A 3-watt LED bulb is also attached to this Snow Joe blower, which enhances the night visibility of the snow. Now you can save your morning time by removing any snow build-ups from your parking lots at night. You can prevent the snow blower’s chute from clogging and promote its work efficacy by manually moving it regularly. This removes any snow particles stuck in the chute.


Snow Joe snow blower is a great innovation for small properties. Its lightweight and less space-occupying design even enables wives to serve a helping hand to their husbands by effortlessly moving this cordless machine to blow away any light, fresh snow accumulated in your house passages. No need to pull any cords lingering in your way, or keep on checking for fuel consumption. Just recharge its battery after an uninterrupted 40-minute of snow blowing, after which the indicator of the battery screen simply conveys a low-battery sign. It is a great-value-for-money product; Amazon offers gift-wrapping and free shipping facility for this great Snow Joe iON18SB brushless single-stage snow blower.


You cannot use this snow blower to remove deep, wet days-old snow build-ups from large areas. It is only useful for home or small properties from which fresh, light snow build-ups needs to be removed on a daily basis. 40-minutes per-charge consumption time seems less to some consumers.  Although it sports a 65-minute runtime, the depth of snow and its density may have an effect on the lifetime of one charge.

Snow Joe ION8024-XR 24-inch 80 Volt 2x5 Ah Batteries Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower 4-Speed + Headlights

Snow Joe ION8024-XR 24-inch 80 Volt 2×5 Ah Batteries Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower 4-Speed + Headlights

Need more power from an electric snowblower?  Check out the Snow Joe iON18SB’s big brother, the Snow Joe ION8024-XR.  This brute has 25% more juice than the 18 and clears a swath 33% wider.  On the downside, it is heavier and more expensive.


  • Two-stage snow blowing
  • 80V powered (two 40V batteries)
  • 2500W motor
  • 4 Speed digital drive
  • Two-year warranty
  • Illuminated pushbutton display is easy to use in the dark
  • It’s all electric.  Starts at the flip of a switch
  • No mixing gas
  • No tune-ups
  • Headlights

The Snow Joe ION8024-XR is an electric that approaches the endurance, power, and performance of a small gas unit without all of the drawbacks of a gasoline engine.  Check it out on Amazon here.